KISS MY NEON is a German brand for beautiful wear, jewelry & accessories, established in Cologne in 2020 by Dagmar-Lioba Hemmersbach.

KISS MY NEON loves good style and beautiful colors – especially NEON. Each piece is made with love & with the mission to make someone smile.

KISS MY NEON is the brand for romantics and free spirits, for edgy fashion lovers, and for everyone in #teamneon.


Before founding KISS MY NEON, Dagmar-Lioba worked successfully as a scriptwriter for television. But although she loved her job, the love for her own brand was stronger. So after one year Dagmar-Lioba decided to take care of her brand full time. "KISS MY NEON is a heart project - and you should follow your heart - always."

Dagmar-Lioba lives in Cologne with her husband, one son and dog Anton. There is also her studio, from where she takes care of KISS MY NEON every day. Her mission is to make as many people as possible happy with her products.

Because Audrey Hepburn already knew: HAPPY GIRLS ARE THE PRETTIEST! ♡